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No need to be upset. It's just Basketball.

It's only right that in this week's blog we talk about March Madness and the 15 seed Saint Peter's Peacocks who defeated #2 Kentucky and #7 Murray State to secure themselves a spot in their program's first ever Sweet 16.

Over the weekend, I was back on twitter and saw all the basketball wordsmiths of the world breaking down the inexplicably brilliant, cutting edge offensive plays by Saint Peter's. I saw a couple that actually made me laugh, poking fun at the over worded, unnecessarily complex explanations. Pure comedy. But, I saw a different side of the Saint Peter's puzzle. It wasn't complex or confusing or complicated, but instead incredibly simple, focused and precise.

Most people - coaches, analysts, fans, trainers, etc- focus on the "what". It seems like their interviewing for their next big job via their tweets. But, I've come to notice that the "what" is only a small piece of the picture. I've been lucky enough to sit down and chat with coaches up and down the east coast. From the NBA to the G-League to D1-D3 in college, Prep School, High School, Middle School and Youth. I've come to find that there are thousands of defenses to play, thousands of offenses to run and thousands of quick hitters to call out - a bunch of right ways to do it. But the x's and o's - the "what" - shouldn't hold all the focus. The reason Saint Peters has found success this season and in the tournament, is partly the "what".... but it's more of the "how". It's about "what" you run, sure, but more about "how" you run it.

The first example comes on the defensive end. Saint Peters played mostly man to man and some 2-3 zone. Two defenses played by, like, everyone. But how did they hold Kentucky and Murray State to 8 and 19 points below their season averages, respectively, in regulation? It's because they're tough, hard nosed and one of the most physical defenses in the country. They take standard defense and enhance it dramatically with their physical play and sharp communication. They dictate your space, set the tone, contest everything and aren't scared of anyone. Everything they do is max effort.