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Gold Standard Testimonials


Coach G is as genuine as they come. I can tell you from personal experience that you will work hard and you will improve in every aspect. He is a true student of the game with an uncanny ability to get the very best out of people.

Xeo Golding, Lesley University

• 2x NECC All Conference
• 1,000 Point Scorer
• 2x NECC Semi-finalist
• ECAC DIII Rookie of the Week
• Highest two year win total in school history


During the Fall of 2020 I was able to spend time with Coach G, working on expanding my offensive game and increasing the range on my jump shot. Coach G has instilled the confidence in me to take these shots by putting me through game situation drills. By working with Coach G and Gold Standard, I know my game has improved tremendously. 

Patrick Harding, Columbia University



As an experienced coach, Coach G understands your game and knows what needs to be applied to take your game to the next level. The work we've done will serve as added assets to my game that will make me a better player. I'd recommend Coach G and Gold Standard to any serious basketball player with aspirations of playing at the next level.

Casey McLaren, Tufts University

• 2020 NESCAC Champion


I've gone from being less confident about my shooting form in games to having way more confidence to shoot from anywhere on the court. I didn't have many moves that I could use and now I feel like I can get to the rim in many ways using all of the things I learned through my lessons with Gold Standard.

Jules Giordano, Brooks/Mass Rivals AAU


When working with Coach Giordano, there is always something new to learn. I truly feel that I am getting better everyday when working with Coach G and Gold Standard. He is a great motivator all while explaining basketball concepts in an elite and detailed fashion. I feel that my game has improved leaps and bounds since joining the Gold Standard family. 

George Smith, Penn

• ALL ISL Selection
• All NEPSAC Class B Selection
• ISL Champion
• NEPSAC Class B Runner-up


Coach G is as passionate as they come. If you work hard for him, he will work hard for you. He is someone you can trust wholeheartedly with your development. I learned and continue to learn so much during my time with him and Gold Standard and I would recommend any and everyone looking to get better to reach out.

Chase Howard, Lesley University

Coach Chris is quite simply one of the best. Coach has been instructing my son Christian for 4 years and his progression has been nothing short of amazing. With Coach G's years of experience in the game, he is precise, insightful and hardworking. He focuses on perfecting the fundamentals and holding his players accountable for what he teaches. Coach Chris has become a mentor, friend and a major part of Christian's love for the game of basketball. We couldn't be more thankful.

Anthony Pastore, Parent


Coach G has bettered me not only as a basketball player. but as a man as well. He is hardworking, passionate and most importantly, he truly cares about his players and their families. I trust him with my life. Through countless hours of hard work, I have tremendously improved my game in the two years I have worked with him. If you are willing to give it your all, Coach G and Gold Standard won't let you down.

Joey Hart, Central Catholic + NE Storm


Through working with Gold Standard and Coach G, I've felt that my game has not missed a step duing this pandemic but rather steadily improved. By the way of the drills he puts me through that emulate game situations as well as a clear focus on fundamentals, I've noticed an improvement across all facets of my game over the past few months. It's been a pleasure to work with Coach G for a variety of reasons, none more prevalent than the constant energy he brings, instilling this into those he works with.

Tommy O'Neil, Harvard University 

Coach Chris has been working with my 5th grade son for the last 6 months.  In that time, Coach Chris has helped my son grow in every aspect of the game.  Not only has Coach Chris helped him improve his fundamental skills (shooting, dribbling and game time situational moves), he has also helped him to grow his confidence as a player and teammate.  Coach Chris is focused on the overall growth and development of his student athletes and he spends the time getting to know the player, understanding their game and the areas of focus that they need to work on.  Each week he builds on their foundation and continues to grow them as a complete player.  For my son, the transformation has been amazing and his love for the game just continues to grow!

Jessica Stromme, Parent


The Fall of 2020 with Coach G was instrumental to improving specific aspects of my game. His attention to detail separates him as a motivator and a trainer. Applying our drill training in game-like scenarios has taken my game to new levels and I'm excited to continue working with the program. The Gold Standard Way applies to all levels of basketball players, to instill the discipline they need to improve, and Coach G represents that fully.

Tyler Aronson, Tufts University 


After playing for Coach G for two seasons, it's been such a great experience coming back now and working with him. He provides such a positive and comfortable environment. His ability to push me while staying positive throught the workout is second to none. He focuses specifically on holes in my game and cleaning them up while expanding on my strengths. Coach G is the perfect place to be if you want to continue expanding your growth as a basketball player. 

Danny Yardemian, Bentley University


Working with Coach G over the past two months has brought my game to a new level. He applies game like situations into training with different drills and move combinations. He has great knowledge of the game and will help any player get to the next level.

Jay Dieterle, Tufts University

Coach Tom showed up for our session with a solid game plan that had my son working hard for the entire hour. Nick was back out on the court the next day working on everything he learned. Coach Tom and the Gold Standard team bring knowledge and teaching that you just can’t get from YouTube. Looking forward to our next session.

Jarrod O'Neil, Parent

At a recent tryout, the coaches asked my son if he is a lefty. He isn't!

Gina Szymanski, Parent

The lessons are going great. Connor is learning a lot and getting better. Jay has created a very positive environment and Connor loves it. My wife and I say it after every lesson - Jay is fantastic at what he does.

Matt Benson, Parent

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