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The Gold Standard Intro

A while back, I decided that I was going to use social media to broadcast the intangible aspects of my coaching experience. This is the first year in the last decade that I am not coaching a college basketball team (and a season is actually occuring), and I thought I'd share the items usually reserved for my team, with the world. This includes everything from motivating to program building to creating winning habits...and they all matter.

I'm new to this, but I'm not new to motivating a team, getting people to buy into something that's bigger than themselves, building trusting relationships and instilling winning habits in my guys. But, with the platform of social media and now a blog on my website, I'm hopeful that I can help more than just the team that used to be in front of me. So, after a ten year coaching career where my teams usually achieved more than they "should have", I'm ready to share some of the life lessons I have been lucky enough to experience through hoop.

I miss coaching at the collegiate level. I miss the competition, I miss the recruiting, I miss winning, I miss the work...but more than anything I miss building a team. There is something special about getting people from all different backgrounds to take pride in their school, their program, their uniform, sacrifice individual agendas and give everything to the greater good.

I love training, I love skill building and I love helping my clients grow and develop at every level. But, basketball is not an individual sport. And through this blog, I will be sharing with you all how your individual training and development plays into the bigger picture. This will certainly be for players and coaches of the game, but there will also be a lot of life's parallels so all of these skills are transferable.