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Nov. 26-Feb. 25, 2023

Sunday Night Shooting Registration
Chelmsford High School

Thank you for registering!

Gold Standard 
Sunday Night Shooting


Individual Skill Development • Game Application

Boys and Girls

Sunday Nights • 13 Sessions

6:00pm - 7:00pm • 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Grades 2-4 • 5-8 • 9-12 

Chelmsford High School

Sunday Night Shooting is the ideal in season way to keep your game sharp this winter! SNS is a low-intensity program focused on form shooting and game type shots to keep your jumper sharp and get your reps in, outside of high intensity practices and games! The key to converting high percentages this winter is to ensure that you are getting plenty of reps in and making sure your form and mechanics are on point throughout the grueling winter season. Sunday nights are the perfect way to get your shots up, fueling your game and putting yourself ahead of the competition! 

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What Clients Say About Our Skills Academy

I get to see a lot of different trainers in the New England area. Coach Giordano and his team at Gold Standard are as good as it gets when it comes to professional basketball training/skill development. Coach Giordano teaches the nuances of the game and the skills taught actually transition to the game!

Skill development is important but basketball IQ is just as important. Chris has this down to a science. I will have my son work with Coach Giordano for many years to come!

Joe, Parent

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