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"Stay Sharp Shooting" Clinic
June 19 - June 21
July 31 - August 2
BSI - Wellesley

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Gold Standard & Middlesex Magic
"Stay Sharp Shooting" Clinic
July 31-Aug 2 
BSI Wellesley


Form Shooting • Shot Mechanics • Game Situation Drills

Boys and Girls

Grades 3-5 • Grades 6-8 • Grades 9-12

Mon., Tues. & Weds • 9:30am - 11:00am • 12:30pm-2:00pm

Gold Standard and the Middlesex Magic "Stay Sharp Shooting" Clinic is a three day intensive clinic where athletes will work on the foundations of an excellent jump shot in order to transfer this skill to games. Athletes will be explicitly taught about the mechanics necessary to have a consistent jump shot and get reps in the context of the game. Players will work through our teaching progressions in the areas of Form Shooting, Shooting off the Dribble, Catch & Shoot, Reading Screens, Creating Separation, Being Balanced, Making contested shots and more!

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What Clients Say About Our Skills Academy

I get to see a lot of different trainers in the New England area. Coach Giordano and his team at Gold Standard are as good as it gets when it comes to professional basketball training/skill development. Coach Giordano teaches the nuances of the game and the skills taught actually transition to the game!

Skill development is important but basketball IQ is just as important. Chris has this down to a science. I will have my son work with Coach Giordano for many years to come!

Joe, Parent

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