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Gold Standard 
Individual & Private Lessons


Individual Skill Development • Game Application • At Home Workouts

Gold Standard is offering individual lessons in order to focus on specifically designed skills to improve player's game in the offseason. Our experienced coaches will be teaching the game to help increase Basketball IQ during our on-court instructional time and help our athletes master the fundamentals of the game. Individual lessons are offered in packages of 8 or 10 and all happen on your at-home court. Individuals can choose a specific coach they want to train with and devise a workout plan of either once or twice a week that works best for your schedule. Individual instruction is the perfect way to prepare for the winter season- working on specific weaknesses and growing them into strengths. Over the lessons we will keep track of a shot chart to record player progress and watch them grow. We're excited to get working and improve individual play!


Individual / Private Lessons

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What Clients Say About Our Skills Academy

I get to see a lot of different trainers in the New England area. Coach Giordano and his team at Gold Standard are as good as it gets when it comes to professional basketball training/skill development. Coach Giordano teaches the nuances of the game and the skills taught actually transition to the game!

Skill development is important but basketball IQ is just as important. Chris has this down to a science. I will have my son work with Coach Giordano for many years to come!

Joe, Parent

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