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Gold Standard Development League.png

Gold Standard 
Development League (5v5)


Individual Skill Development • Team Concepts • Regular Season • Playoff • College Showcase • 5v5

Boys and Girls

Grades 3-4 • 5-6 • 7-8 • 9-12 

6 week program • Regular Season • Playoffs Best of 3 Series

1 Skill Development Workout per Week • 1-2 Games per Week

Locations: BSI - Wellesley • Rivers School • Bando Performance

Coaches Committed:


The Gold Standard Development League is our take on a summer league, with the main focuses on skill development, team concepts and college exposure. There will be 1 team skill workout/practice and 2 games per week. The skill workouts will be lead by team coaches and will focus on aspects like timing & spacing, read & react and ball & body movement. Our goal is to teach the athletes how to play, not how to run plays. This is a 6 week program includes playoffs and is the perfect way to expand your game and boost your hoops IQ.

It is our goal to seek the best possible coaching and skill development instruction for our athletes. There will be a mixture of Division III College, Prep School and High School Coaches who will be coaching our teams.

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