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Boys and Girls

Grades 3-4 • Grades 5-6 • Grades 7-8

Tuesdays & Thursdays • September 12 - October 12 •  4:30 - 5:30pm

5 week program  • 2 day option • 1 day option

BSI - Wellesley

Fall Skills Academy Registration
October 17 - November 16
BSI - Wellesley

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Gold Standard 
Fall Skills Academy - Wellesley
October 16 - November 17, 2023


Individual Skill Development • Game Application • Nutrition Consultation

Our Fall Skills Academy is focused on creating an environment for skill development that is supplemental to the Fall club season. Our coaches will be teaching the game to athletes find ways to be successful on the court in the context of their teams. Fall is the time to prep for the winter season by honing skill, building conditioning and stamina and getting up to game speed! In addition to our Skill Development, we will be offering a 20 minute virtual group nutrition session provided by the Sports Nutrition Academy, the current nutrition program for Providence College Athletics & Gold Standard to help our athletes achieve their peak performance!

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What Clients Say About Our Skills Academy

I get to see a lot of different trainers in the New England area. Coach Giordano and his team at Gold Standard are as good as it gets when it comes to professional basketball training/skill development. Coach Giordano teaches the nuances of the game and the skills taught actually transition to the game!

Skill development is important but basketball IQ is just as important. Chris has this down to a science. I will have my son work with Coach Giordano for many years to come!

Joe, Parent

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